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Pain Free Pad System

Are you looking for a natural pain reliever & healing accelerator 
that actually works, is backed by science, & is 100% safe for any animal?

What is Photonic Therapy and What Can it Treat?

Real Results from Real Injuries

Red light therapy works fast to reduce swelling, provide pain relief, and provides other treatment options.

How Red Light Therapy Works

Research at Oxford, Stanford, the Mayo Clinic, and other research facilities have shown that Photonic therapy is a proven way to treat virtually any injury.

Educational courses red light therapy

Educational Courses

Gain confidence & maximize your results with your Red Light Therapy device, save money & time, and have fun.

​Photonic Therapy has worked for more than a century.
In the late 1890s, scientist Niels Ryberg Finsen won a Nobel Prize for his use of Photonic therapy to treat a smallpox and lupus. NASA has been using Photonic therapy  to speed up the healing of astronauts. Photonic therapy is proven to heal injuries up to 60% faster than traditional approaches. University research has shown that Photonic therapy is a proven way to treat virtually any injury.

Three Courses - One Certification - Lifetime of Knowledge

Free Online Class
w/ Light Purchase

Not sure how to use our product for its maximum benefit?
No worries!
We include an introductory
online course
with every light purchase.
The course covers the basics
including horses and dogs.

Learn how to assess
your horse for hidden pain,
gain a deeper understanding
of equine anatomy,
& strategies to help your horse
feel & perform better.

iPhone & Android App Available

The convenience of treatment charts for your horse in the palm of your more searching for your flip chart or not having it at the right time! This app provides comprehensive charts for horse/equine acupuncture, acupressure, and acupoint locations with an emphasis on red light therapy. It provides vldeos on How to Open the Bladder Meridian and also on how to perform an Equine Veterinarian Acupuncture assessment.

This app is a must for every horse owner.

Easy to understand, comprehensive photos
make this app a life saver-seriously!

Go to iTunes or Google Play:
Search for Photonic Horse

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