We know
how you feel . . .

Despite having a multitude
of resources available,
we really wanted something
that would take the pain away quickly, easily & that would actually work!

We Found it With
Red Light Therapy.

Some of the conditions red light therapy works on


Chronic Pain



Leg Cramps

Menstrual Cramps


Restless Leg Syndrome


And Much More

People talking about red light therapy

Red Light Helps with Chronic Nosebleeds

This woman suffers from chronic nosebleeds that can last up to 2 hours at a time. At a show, one of these nosebleeds started so she came over to us for help and within 15 minutes, it stopped.

Red Light Heals Post-Surgery Shoulder Injury

She started using our red light after going through rotatory surgery on her right shoulder. A week later her shoulder became more flexible and stronger than her left!

Red Light Helps Pregnant Woman

Our red light helped soothe a pregnant woman's bottom after getting progesterone shots. At first, she was unable to sit due to the pain but after using our red light she was able to sit down without any pain, the next day.

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Take a look at some of the results our clients have received with our system:

Love, love, love my light!! I recently got stepped on my horse Beauty. She first stepped on me I used my light and the skin isn't bruised but I think a bone may be because of the pain. When it hurts I red light it and bam no more pain. Absolutely no bad reviews with the light- looking at getting certified when I grad.

Chelsea Brock

After Kellie's riding accident, we went to the hospital and they did x-rays. Nothing was broken, but we were warned that she would scar and have permanent dirt marks. The arena rash took off quarter-sized chunks of skin. Her face was so swollen that she could hardly open her eye or talk. After we left the hospital, she used her red light consistently for seven days. We could almost see her heal before our eyes. By the seventh day, the bruising was gone and her face had healed!

Tricia Sybersma

This is my foot… Tripped over a metal pipe sticking out of the ground. It was profusely bleeding. Within 1 minute of putting the pro light on it, the bleeding stopped. This is the morning after. I applied the light to only the first 2 toes… Notice the 3rd toe is bruised.. that one did not get red lighted.

Donna Woods

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