We know
how you feel…

Despite having a multitude of resources available,
we really wanted something that would take
the pain away quickly, easily &
that would actually work!

We Found it With
Red Light Therapy.

Dogs are Our Best Friends

We are Donna & Bryan

We’ve spent years as dog owners who were constantly spending money on vet care. We were constantly frustrated because every time we turned around, we were running to the vet. Then we discovered how a simple home remedy could be used to keep our dogs out of pain naturally, improve their health and reduce vet bills down to almost nothing.

Now, our system is one of the most sought after home remedies that veterinarians,
trainers, and everyday dog owners are using with the same amazing results.
Best of all, it is 100% safe for any size, shape or breed.

Some of the dog conditions that red light therapy works on





Hip Displaysia

Luxating Patella

Lower Back Soreness

Itchy Skin

Neuter/Spay recovery

And much more

People talking about red light therapy

Red Light For Human, Dog,
and 5 horses

Ms. Nancy uses her red light on herself, her dog, and her 5 horses. She fell in love with the product because of the results.

Red Light Session Take
Lameness Out of Dog!

Ranger woke up looking injured and walking funny on his back legs. We decided to give him a red light session to help him walk better and get him out of pain.

Zeke Day 1

After suffering an injury from a horse, Zeke is in some need of the photonic healing light. This video was shot the day after the injury.

Choose Your Light

Standard Light
red light therapy Standard Light

660 nm Photonic Light, Crush
proof,waterproof, life-time bulbs,
Lanyard included, Nylon Single Light
Holster included, Works great to
stimulate acupoints…

Pain Free Pad System
Pain Free Pad System red light therapy

Incorporates Pulsed Nogier technology
for improved results, Over 70 settings,
180 bulbs; 90 Red, 45 Infrared, &
45 Blue, Washable-Waterproof, etc

red light therapy Pro Gen II

Most Advanced Technology
in a Hand-Held Red Light Device
it’s here…

Take a look at some of the results our clients have received with our system:

Brooke is our beloved Weimaraner. She loves to play with the neighbor’s dog and horses. One day, she suddenly came up with a lesion on her nose. We immediately took her to the vet. The vet administered steroids. A week later, there was not any improvement. We took her back to the vet. At one point, the vet thought perhaps the lesion was cancer and discussed having her put down. This wasn’t an option we were ready to think about. Our neighbor, who is an avid red light user, loaned us the red light to use on Brooke’s nose and wellness points.
The “before” photo was taken immediately before the first red light session.
The “after” photo was taken 2 weeks later.

George W