Learn how to assess
your horse for hidden pain,
gain a deeper understanding
of equine anatomy,
& strategies to help your horse
feel & perform better.


Want to really get your red light therapy
device to work for you?

Then our courses may be just for you.

Think of it as acupressure,
massage, chiropractic,
and stretching all
rolled into one using
Red Light Therapy!

This hybrid approach maximizes
the results of the work
while saving the
horse owner valuable
time and money!

Our hands on approach and ground up style of teaching makes it super easy to learn and to retain while providing pain relief to horses. You see, we are passionate about keeping horses healthy and pain-free.We also understand that people are very busy and may not have the time or money to spend thousands of dollars on other courses. With our combined education in Red Light Therapy, Equine Touch, Acupressure, Essential Oils and Natural Hoof Balancing, we have honed our program to give you the best tools for success.

Perhaps earning an income
while providing horses
the bodywork they
so desperately need?

Our courses are offered
worldwide and online
You do not need a light to participate!


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Would you recommend this course?

“It was a wonderful experience and I think everyone felt like they belonged.”


We cover the basics like light maintenance, device specific usage, general light therapy information, & more.

(The online course is designed in video format with some downloads.)


Want to get more results with your light therapy devices?

No matter which device you own if you want to get the most out of your light therapy device we have a course for you!

Online Full Courses

Body Balance Protocol

"Your course is outstanding. It is linear, clear, concise, broken up into segments that can be reviewed and supported by videos / pdfs that go from general to very specific.(Close ups, etc). This class was so much better than all the YouTube videos I watched (And I watched them all multiple times). I have been doing the “Body Balance Protocol” 3x per week for months now. After taking the class and watching and re-watching the video, with my lovely horse by my side, I found out I had three spots wrong.That is how clear the close-ups were. I am excited about future classes you will be producing. Thank you again for excellence and clarity without clogging my mind. I will be recommending it to many people!!!"-Jo M.


Dog ACL Tear

"My dog Hazel had her ACL and could not walk on it at all, after searching online for ways to help a tore ACL without the need for surgery I came across Photonic Health. I admit at first I was a little skeptical but I ordered the standard light. After the first few sessions with Hazel I noticed the drastic change. She went from not using her hind left leg to skipping to walking and even sometimes now to running. I love this product and now believe it actually works and not just some gimmick. It is painless and Hazel seems to enjoy it she just lays there and allows me to use the light on her. I am so thankful for this product and feel welcomed into the "Photonic Family". "-James A.


"The course covered just enough information so that I feel proficient in assessing and applying the red light."-Anonymous



Horsenality w/ Red Light & Essential Oils


Online Mini Courses


"Most recent one is a gelding that has been colicing intermediately. Did a treatment on him yesterday. We think he has ulcers. After using some pressure points to check for ulcers, he was really bad at the lumbar area. He has been a little cinchy off and on. Did a course this morning and very happy with the results. Got licking, chewing, yawning, then when I turned him loose he went over passed a huge amount of manure. Then he went over and drank a huge amount of water."-Mahala H.


"The points I learned and administered from the hyoid bone clinic have produced a miracle in my horse. I am forever grateful..."-Deb R.


"I just wanted to let you know that from what I’ve seen so far these classes are going to be so helpful! And simple enough that I can point my clients in the direction of them to do some of their own learning and help their own 2 horses between sessions, which for me is so important for these big competition horses. Thanks again"-Rosemary G.


"I have to say, again, that it was such a great presentation & I intend to take more to improve my understanding of the horse & how to use my light. So much information was offered, more than I could absorb in one go through. I really appreciate these formats where I am able to go over & over the material."-Diane C.


"I had taken your recent Confidence Mini Clinic about pain. I went through the assessment, which confirmed My poor girl was hurting. She was spasming from the front all the way to the back. It made me want to cry.
After the assessment I followed the instructions for treatment. When I reassessed, WOW! I wish I had video of the session. It was nothing short of amazing!"-Donna A.


"Thank you so much for the mini clinic! I tried it on a mare who's has some bad driving wrecks in her past, that we're having issues trying to get her past it. When I finished, it's like she turned into a giddy filly, all over me, licking, sniffing breath, holding my hands in her mouth!"-Lorraine W.



"First I want to thank you so much for the mini clinic this last Saturday. Great information & I have already used the calming... at least started... with my dogs"



"This was a wonderful presentation. I have been reading a great deal about the Akashic Records and exploring energy work. I have loved this company (Photonic Health) for a very long time because I feel like a connection is always present, a feeling that couldn’t be quantified. (All staff included.) This session solidified my feelings! Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!" -Lynda S.


Step 1: Choose your Photonic Health Device

Standard Light


660 nm Photonic Light, Crush
proof,waterproof, life-time bulbs,
Lanyard included, Nylon Single Light
Holster included, Works great to
stimulate acupoints…



This new generation light therapy device offers 3 color options in one convenient to handle unit, to provide the most flexibility in treatment yet. With just a simple touch on the end cap you will have red light, green light or blue light therapy at your fingertips.



Most Advanced Technology
in a Hand-Held Red Light Device
it’s here…


Step 2: Check Your Email for Free Training Videos & Start Watching


Step 3: Unbox & Starting Using your Photonic Health Device


A lifetime of knowledge
Three Courses

Photonic Health Certified Practitioners


Donna Woods
Ocala, FL


Bryan Owen
Ocala, FL


Kathleen Rossi
Lipan, TX


Beth Meeder
Gainesville, FL


Amanda Sykes
Bridgnorth, Shropshire, UK


Angela Axton
Salem, WI


Cheryl Freed
Chipstead, Surrey UK


Catherine Edwards
Guildford, Surrey, UK


Rebecca Tenges
Cedarburg, WI


Sylvie Vallières
Quebec Canada

Only those on the list have completed all coursework and are therefore Certified Photonic Health Practioners. If you would like to contact one of these Certified Practitioners, please contact us at Info@PhotonicHealth.com.