We know how you feel . . .

Despite having a multitude of resources available,
we really wanted something that would take
the pain away quickly, easily &
that would actually work!

We found it with
Red Light Therapy.

Some of the horse conditions red light therapy works on

Acute Injury








Viral Infections

And much more

People talking about red light therapy

Gets Healed
in 2 Months

Red Light helped to heal this woman's horse in just two months!

Has Unbelievable Reaction To First Red Light Therapy Session

Alex is a Paso Fino that was abused by a former owner. He is just now learning to trust humans again and red light therapy has helped aid in his recovery, both mentally and physically!

Red Light Heals Colic Horse & Knee Problems

Dory tells how she uses her Photonic Health Red Light to bring her horse out of colic and on herself for knee pain.

Take a look at some of the results our clients have received with our system:

Jezebel the 38 Year old TB Mare that tore her eyelid May 20.  I started treating her 5 minutes after the vet, sewed her up. I continued 2-3 times a day for about 2 weeks then dropped down to 1-2 times a day for about 10 days. Then once a day for about 10 more days. These latest pictures were taken 7-1-2015. I hope this helps to show people that this really works.

Bert Goebel

Bryan came to Savvy Stables to teach the Level 1 Photonic Health course. I showed him a boarder’s horse, which had cancer on her nose. He told me to put black salve on it and the red light it. Well, it has been remarkable. Even her vet asked what we were doing and wanted the information. He had been treating it by cutting the cancer off then spraying that silver stuff on it.

Cindy Hurley Giannini
Natural Horsemanship Instructor

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