Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions about light therapy and our products. If your question is not addressed below, please contact us. We will reply within 24 business hours.


How often do I use the Photonic Red Light?

For optimal results, we recommend red lighting acupoints every other day for two weeks, then twice a week. If it involves a virus, red light twice a day until symptoms disappear. For all other issues, use it as often as necessary. If results aren’t optimal,  red light the adjoining joint, i.e. if the foot is experience issues, it is helpful to address the knee as well, and illuminate both sides of the body.

Are acupuncture/acupressure points easy to locate?

As the Photonic Red Light stimulates the skin about the size of a half dollar in diameter, locating the PRECISE point is not an issue. The Light Therapy for Horses/Dogs reference books provide diagrams displaying the location of the points.

Will my pet feel anything?

The light itself does not create any sensation. However, the body responds to accelerated cellular activity and meridians opening. They may experience a warming sensation (the cells are activating), become sleepy, relaxed, yawn, lick and chew in a relaxed manner.

Is the light safe to use?

This light is extremely safe and effective. As with ANY light, avoid direct contact with eyes.

How long do I leave it on each point?

Hold the light to each point for 10-30 seconds each. BE SURE to address the same point on both sides of the animal's body.

Do I have to put any pressure on it?

No pressure is needed when using the light. Hold lightly to bare skin, or slightly above the fur to stimulate.

How to clean and how often should I clean it?

The light is water resistant. You can rinse lightly under water, making sure to point the lights down. You can use a mild dish soap. A cotton swab will assist the cleaning of your light. Be sure to clean your light every time before you use it on another animal. Do NOT use any abrasives, essential oils or harsh chemicals.

How long will the light last before I have to charge the battery?

Each hand-held device battery lasts approximately 2-3 hours of continual use depending on the the device, setting/s used, battery life remaining and charge of battery at the start of a session.

Note: The average rechargeable battery life is about 100 charges. If your battery doesn't seem to be holding a charge anymore it's time to replace the battery.

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Do I need to do acupoints in any particular order?

No, it is not necessary to start clockwise or to place the light on acupoints in any particular order. As this modality is different from acupressure, there are some things that do not apply.

Can it be used on tissue other than acupoints?

You will want to hold the red light on the muscle directly for about 30-60 seconds and as often as necessary. Be sure to red light the muscle attachment and insertion points.