She thought her dog may have had an incurable condition, and this happened


This is a story that Linda Parelli share with us through Facebook, Linda is the co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship (find more on

Look how awesome this is:

Our new puppy, Lulu (18 months old, long haired miniature dachshund) had very weak back legs. Her hocks were ‘loose’, like double jointed. They can almost bend the other way, but the biggest problem was the lateral instability. At the walk her hocks would bend outwards, the right hind was the worst. She can run and jump, but her walk was very awkward and when she stood still she’d pace her feet out very wide.

Two nights ago I red lighted her hind legs. I ran the light slowly down her leg from stifle to toes and paused whenever it ‘stuck’. It stuck in several places on each hind leg, but there were more on the right hind. I had to hold the light there for between 30 seconds and up to 4 minutes before it slid free again.

The next morning, her legs were straight! I wish I’d taken a before video but here is the ‘after’. You’ll see that her hocks are straighter and she has continued to improve, even standing with her feet right under her hocks.

Last night I did her hips and as I slid the light along her pelvis, hip joint and down her femur, there were little clicks and thumps as if she was having a chiropractic adjustment. The right hip had several sticky spots and on one of them it stuck for at least 8 minutes. The left only had one spot and one little click.

This morning she is even better.

Isn’t that fantastic? I know that without being able to correct it she was in for a lot of difficulties in her older life.

Thank you SO much Donna and Bryan of Photonic Health. I’ve used this technology now for about 15 years and it is truly amazing.


P.S. Donna told me the “sticky spot” is called a galvanic skin response. When energy is decreased in an area, it causes the viscosity in the area to be reduced or eliminated.

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