Online Confidence Mini Clinic August 5th, 2020

Online Live Via Zoom

When: Wednesday August 5th, 2020 Where: Online Live via Zoom What: Topic is: Pain in Your Horse - Where Its Hidden: Bryan Owen, Advanced Applied Equine Podiatrist, Photonic Health co-founder and Chief Engineer will teach you how to assess your horse, locate those pain points and using light therapy will show you the techniques you…


Online Confidence Mini Clinic September 2nd, 2020

Online Live Via Zoom

When: Wednesday September 2nd 2020, 7 PM EDT Where: Online Live via Zoom What: Topic: Equine Ulcers. What:Have you recently changed your horse’s diet, changed their living situation or herd, brought them to a show, or even just put your horse in a stall? Many of these common hings we do with our horses can…


Online Confidence Mini Clinic October 7th, 2020

Online Live Via Zoom

When: Wednesday October 7th 2020 7 pm EDT Where: Online Live Via Zoom What: Horse Hoof: You might have heard the phrase "The hoof is the foundation of the whole horse," but have you taken time recently to contemplate just exactly what that means? Our horses' health quite literally starts from the ground up, but…

Online Confidence Mini Clinic November 4th, 2020

Online Live Via Zoom

When: November 4th, 2020 at 7 PM (EST) Where: Online Live via Zoom What: Emotional Release Did you know that your horse may be holding on to deep rooted emotions, much like we do? You and I have words to communicate our feelings and emotions, but our animals are limited to using their body language.…

Level 3 In person Course

Evaluation of the Horse in: Vitals Ulcers Visual Structural and Muscles Meridians and Emotional. Student will leave with a systematic approach for evaluation, and on how to treat the horse from that evaluation. Student will have the knowledge of how to treat for issues in: Vitals, hyoid, feet, stomach, muscle soreness, meridians, and emotional issues.…


IASTM for Horses Clinic (In-Person)

Photonic Health 2471 NW 44th Ave, Ocala, FL

Are you an equine body worker or do you work on horses to relieve pain, improve their performance and sometimes cannot locate the root cause? Do you want to speed up your sessions while improving the quality of your work? Then this class might be for you. Rachel Meyer, human physical therapist and equine therapist…