Standard / Pro Troubleshooting

Hand-Held Device Troubleshooting Tips: Light Flickering or Turning Off?

It might be time to replace your batteries. Both the standard and the pro light can run approximately 20 continuous hours on new batteries.

NOTE: The pro light takes 2 AA batteries and the standard light takes one camera 123 battery. Rechargeable batteries are available here:

Replaced the Batteries and your Light Still won’t Turn on?

Make sure you installed your batteries properly. Both lights require the batteries to be positive side up. This is the opposite of all other lights. Make sure your batteries are new, test the batteries if possible or check the date on the batteries.

NOTE: We recommend using rechargeable batteries (buy rechargeable batteries here) as they last longer and reduce the risk of damage to the light. If you are going to use regular lithium batteries, only use brand name standard batteries in your lights (i.e. Duracell) as generic batteries can be too short to make a connection. Take the batteries out and wipe down the inside of the battery compartment with a clean dry cloth or a cotton swab. This will get rid of the excess moisture and dirt that causes misconnections.

NOTE: Do not store your light with the batteries in it for an extended period of time.

If after trying all these tips you are still having issues with your device then follow the steps below to begin your warranty claim.

Note: Putting any objects in the lights besides the batteries (i.e. tin/aluminum foil) will void the warranty of the light. Any lights sent in for warranty and found to be using such objects will cause the light to be returned at the customer’s cost.

Did any of these suggestions fix your issue?