Pad troubleshooting1

Step 2: Select the issue you are having with your Pain-Free Pad System.

Watch troubleshooting videos and try troubleshooting tips.

If there was a direct injury cause by the Pain-Free Pad System contact us immediately at:

855-436-7082 or

Unit Not Turning On

Step 1: Checking the Charger

Step 2: Checking the Battery

Step 3: Resetting the Controller

Standard Pain-Free Pad (Manual Reset)

Professional Pain-Free Pad (Button Reset)

Note: If the button reset does not work on your Professional Pain-Free Pad System try doing the manual reset for the Standard Pad (see video above.)

Step 4: Did any of these troubleshooting tips help?


Pad has Flickering/Lights Out
Only Some Colors Working
Professional- Small Pads Working But Large Pad Not Working