Introducing the NEW Multi-Light

Our NEW Multi-Light is our first hand-held device to offer multiple light therapy colors. Now with just a slight push of a button you can have red, blue, or green light in the palm of your hand. This all-in-one light allows you to do multi colored light sessions without having to change tips or light hardware!

"I am really impressed with how quickly the sores are healing with the multi-light."-Lenchen L.


"Past treatments with red light have not had the same effect as the green light, which released the muscles more quickly and caused the emotional release"- Judy L.

"Using red & green on horse. Really nice reaction with about 8 periods of yawning.  I normally don't see this much release." -Kari B.

"This colt was abused. When I attempted Wellness points previously, he lashed out with rear legs on Bladder 40- both sides. This session I used only Green and did whole bladder meridian. He allowed the treatment! He released. He lifted his back legs on Bladder 40 but did not kick out. I also backed off with the light a bit."- Alana E.

"Dog using red and green; I always try lighting top of front paws, joints and bottom of pads; when using the red light he is fidgety he pulls away from red light whether hand held or pad, I switched to green 30 seconds settled down right away with green."-Ellen H.


"Used Multi-Light Red light on 14 yr old deaf dog, no appetite, dry heaves, no stair climbing, and falls when trying to jump in a chair started with GV & Bai Hui, then proceeded to under each ear, and have done hip and hind legs. After 3 sessions she now reacts to noises, has more energy, jumps up in a chair without falling, and no longer snoring or heaving."-Tammy C.

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Light Therapy for Horses Book

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Multi-Light Horse Kit

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Sale Price- $867.97


2-Light Horse Kit

(Multi-Light+Standard Light)

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2-Light Horse Kit

(Multi-Light+Pro Gen II Light)

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Sale Price-$1667.97

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