Our NEW Multi-Light is our first hand-held device to offer multiple light therapy colors. Now with just a slight push of a button you can have red, blue, or green light in the palm of your hand. This all-in-one light allows you to do multi colored light sessions without having to change tips or light hardware!

"I am really impressed with how quickly the sores are healing with the Photonic Health Multi-Light."

-Lenchen L.


"Past treatments with red light have not had the same effect as the green light in the Photonic Health Multi-Light, which released the muscles quickly and caused an emotional release"

- Judy L.

"I have been using red and green light from the Photonic Health Multi-Light on my horse. Really nice reactions with about 8 periods of yawning. I normally don't see this much release!"

-Kari B.

"I have been using red and green from the Photonic Health Multi-Light on my dog. I always try illuminating the top of front paws, joints and bottom of pads. When using the red light he is fidgety and pulls away. I switched to green for 30 seconds and he settled down right away!"

-Ellen H.

"Used the Photonic Health Multi-Light on my 14 yr old deaf dog. She has no appetite, dry heaves, no stair climbing, and falls when trying to jump in a chair. I started with GV 14 & Bai Hui, then proceeded to under each ear, and have done hip and hind legs. After 3 sessions she now reacts to noises, has more energy, jumps up in a chair without falling, and is no longer snoring or heaving!"

-Tammy C.

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Pro Gen II Light

Designed by animal people FOR animal people, the Pro Gen II is like having a Swiss army knife of medical treatment in your grooming bucket. This new generation light therapy device features 3 settings for more flexibility in treatment, is simple to use, and is 100% safe. The Pro Gen II's advanced technology provides non-invasive therapy for your furry family and is 100% portable, water-resistant and animal-proof.

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"My cow has a pinched nerve after giving birth. She had been down for 3 days, and I was afraid I was going to loose her. I illuminated her tailbone area with the Pro Gen II on the pulse setting for 5 minutes and she got right up!"

-Don B.


"My dog tore his ACL. I bought the Pro Gen II light to see if it would help him. After illuminating him with the light, he is now walking on his leg! Two weeks ago he was more hopping than walking, and now he will actually walk and put weight on it. Thank you!"

- Cheryl V.

"It is very comforting knowing that for most any health issue with my dog or my other animals, I have the tools to do something about it right away. My Photonic Health Pro Gen II light has truly made owning animals an easier and enjoyable adventure!"

-Cody C.

"My pony developed Cushings and Laminitis in all four feet. I illuminated his Ting Points each night with my Pro Gen II and he is doing much better. My Photonic Health light has paid for itself several times over! Thank you!"

-Rena C.

"My daughters pony was colicy tonight. I illuminated the Colic Points with my Photonic Health light-her tummy gurgled-licked and chewed and was done with it. Love you guys, thank you!"

-Kari B.

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