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Got Minerals?

Stance Equine USA is pleased to announce the availability of a new product called Medicine Bag Complete (MBC) through our web store. MBC is a unique mineral and vitamin supplement that also includes probiotics for optimal gut health. For the month of February only, we are offering a $10 discount on all orders of MBC! […]

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Five Stories of Anhidrosis

If your horse struggles with either hipohydrosis (partial inability to sweat) or anhidrosis (complete inability to sweat), the summer months can be a nightmare. I’ve been through it myself – with two different horses. My Arabian gelding (Shoki) developed hipohydrosis in 2005 after being put on a combination of medications to treat his severe gnat […]

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What the Hay?

The Internet abounds with articles stressing the importance of feeding “high quality” hay to our horse(s). And most of us spend absurd amounts of time, energy and money trying to meet this “gold standard” in horse care. But why exactly? Nutritionists, veterinarians and horse trainers often disagree about what even constitutes “high quality” hay (which […]

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